XBMC runing on the 2nd Generation Apple TV

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Now you can run the XBMC on your Apple TV 2nd Generation.


Here is what you get!

  • Full XBMC install, this is not a remote or thin client streamer.
  • No longer is your AppleTV2 chained to iTunes.
  • Who wants transcoded video anyway?
  • Share files on your network your way.
  • Full hardware decode for 720p/1080p movies.
  • Everything else you know and love about XBMC.

“The XBMC team is proud to present our first ARM-based release, and it’s a big one. Scott Davilla, with the help of Edgar (gimli) Hucek and Zeljko (amet) Ametovic and several other developers and testers, is finally ready to pull the curtain off of his fun little secret.

You know that $99 tiny form-factor powerhouse that would be just perfect if it could only run XBMC? Now it can.”


Apple TV 2nd Generation is Jailbroken

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It was just a matter of time, the Apple TV 2nd Generation has been Jailbroken! Got to love the Inject Software menu option. 🙂 For some reason that menu option doesn’t quite look stock!

Link Via

AppleTV 2G users:  Welcome to the JB family!  Right now, about all you can do is command-line stuff via ssh.  You also have afc2 available, so you can use tools like ifunbox to move files around.  These are the *very* early days of AppleTV 2G jailbreaking, so it’ll take some time for JB app developers to come up with methods to use your AppleTV 2G from the remote, versus the command line.  PS: Your ssh password is “alpine”…please change it when you can :)”


Inside the Apple TV 2nd Generation

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iFixit has cracked open the Apple TV version 2. It is much smaller than the version 1 of the device. Looks to be a nice hackable box. We will soon see what cool applications that can run on this new platform. There is sure to be some additional non-hacked capabilities on the future since there is a large amount of memory which is certainly not all needed for the current method of use.


“The backside of the Apple TV:

  • HDMI output port
  • Optical audio out port
  • 10/100 Base Ethernet port
  • AC adapter port
  • Micro-USB (for service and support)”


Apple TV Patchstick.ca Review

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Patchstick.ca adds some functionality to your Apple TV. Watch a review of the device above that Jordan The Cheap Geek did.

"Instead of having to re-create and re-patch your AppleTV every time there is an update, we provide a smart update process and additional functionality. Works for Mac AND Windows."



Apple TV Hulu Demonstration

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Jon4lakers performed a demonstration of Hulu running on the Apple TV. Nice demo Jon!


Install Boxee on Apple TV to Explode your Viewing Options

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If you have an Apple TV and haven’t heard about Boxee you need to listen up. Boxee is an open source project (free) which will greatly expand the capabilities of your Apple TV. You can run Boxee on other systems but the compact size and cool styling of the Apple TV make it a great option. If you are currently paying for cable you will be wondering why after Boxee is installed. 🙂

"An Apple TV is the cheapest, easiest way to put the Boxee experience onto your television, unless you happen to have a spare Mac Mini, or another computer with great A/V hook-ups. Out of the box, an Apple TV can connect to your TV through component or HDMI cables, supporting resolutions up to 1080p (though Boxee can sometimes only handle 720p, with marginally noticeable difference), and offers optical or RCA audio out. It hooks into your home network wirelessly or through an ethernet port, and comes with its own remote."

Via: Life Hacker and Gizmodo


Skype Calling on an Apple TV

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Brandon Holland has developed some software that will allow you to make Skype calls using your Apple TV! He has made the software available for free and has some demo videos of it in action on his site.


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Inside the Apple TV

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Have a look inside the Apple TV, it looks very well designed however not the easiest box to crack open…



Hak5 Apple TV Hack

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Put SSH onto your Apple TV, then some crafty hacks will allow you to play your DivX (and other format) movies.

Video after the jump.

“In this season finale episode of Hak5 Paul cracks open the Apple TV for a little hacking, Wess shows us how to virtualize physical servers, Mubix joins us to show off some goodies for your USB drives, Darren benchmarks budget home servers, and we tread into web two-oh mashup territory. Plus more janky products for your rofling enjoyment, deets on the LAN party, trivia, poll, web 1.0 fan site contest, and info on a new show pilot.”



AppleTV On PC

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Yes you can run your Apple TV system on your PC!

Video after the jump.



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