Hack your Apple TV to Play HTML 5 Games

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This would be a good time to hack your Apple TV to use the Couch Surfer Browser since you will then be able to make your Apple TV play HTML 5 Games! Please note that you will need to jailbreak your Apple TV first.

Via: Slashgear and TUAW

“A hacker installed the Couch Surfer browser on a jailbroken Apple TV and was able to demonstrate an HTML5-based game, Casino BlackJack. Now, the game is fairly bare bones and although it may not be the most impressive of feats, it does remind us of Apple TV’s potential beyond movies and TV shows.”


Install Boxee on Apple TV to Explode your Viewing Options

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If you have an Apple TV and haven’t heard about Boxee you need to listen up. Boxee is an open source project (free) which will greatly expand the capabilities of your Apple TV. You can run Boxee on other systems but the compact size and cool styling of the Apple TV make it a great option. If you are currently paying for cable you will be wondering why after Boxee is installed. 🙂

"An Apple TV is the cheapest, easiest way to put the Boxee experience onto your television, unless you happen to have a spare Mac Mini, or another computer with great A/V hook-ups. Out of the box, an Apple TV can connect to your TV through component or HDMI cables, supporting resolutions up to 1080p (though Boxee can sometimes only handle 720p, with marginally noticeable difference), and offers optical or RCA audio out. It hooks into your home network wirelessly or through an ethernet port, and comes with its own remote."

Via: Life Hacker and Gizmodo


Skype Calling on an Apple TV

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Brandon Holland has developed some software that will allow you to make Skype calls using your Apple TV! He has made the software available for free and has some demo videos of it in action on his site.


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