Apple TV 2 – 5 Best nitoTV Deals

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xctechs attempted to pool together some packages that he used and genuinely liked on AppleTV2. In order to process and ready to use it, you need to Jailbreak Your Apple TV 2 first.

NitoTV is a standard set of tools to enhance the functionality provided by the Apple TV Platform.The 5 best nitoTV deals are:

  • XBMC Media Center – For Streaming Your Movies and TV shows from Your PC or Laptop.
  • Overflow – To categorize your Menus to thoroughly clean up the Main Screen.
  • UpdateBeGone – to stop your Apple TV 2 to get update OTA.
  • Rowmote Helper – Use your iPhone or iPod as remote with a software which you can download from App Store.
  • MainMenuSlideShow – to place Personalized or Customized Background


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