Access your Apple TV 1st Generation via FTP

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Picture courtesy of Omoon at Flickr

 What if you have an FTP server in your Apple TV? Don’t you think it will be great to have a server sitting in your AppleTV (with Mac/Windows OS) that will take care of all your file transfers easily and quickly.  

Appletvhacks member Ruben has brought out a nice tutorial the help of which you can install  and Configure a FTP Server in Your 1st Generation Apple TV. Ruben presumes that you are having SSH access to your Apple TV. If you are not, you can find more details in our How-To category.

Note that this tutorial is only applicable to Apple TV1, since the Apple TV2 lacks a hard drive and FTP needs somewhere to store the files.

Visit Ruben’s Tutorial here and add FTP feature to your AppleTV1 now.


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